miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013

Dear Matt Lovers

Let’s make a fan video for matt! I think It would be AWESOME to let him know how much we adore him!
We can make a mini video maybe 30 seconds top each one of us (You can tell him anything you want, about C.G, white collar..  etc) , and the just put it together and upload to you tube! I’m an editor so, I could do it! Call me crazy but I’m amazed by this guy and I’m so into doing something creative and different for him to see it, I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way.
At least I am gonna start making my 30 seconds of video ;)
I’m gonna leave my e-mail if you are interested: msbomergrey25@gmail.com
and my twitter: twitter.com/MsBomerGre
I think no dream is impossible, you just have to move, move your heart, your body and your mouth! EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

lunes, 7 de enero de 2013

Dreams of 2013

1. Tener mi licencia de conducir
2. Cursos de pintura
3. Aprender Pole Dance
4. Bajar de Peso (Mas que el año pasado)
5. Comprar mi carro
5. Viajar a los ángeles
6. Conocer personas (Ser más salida y aventada)